Refusal to do CPR

Check this out from America. Thankfully we dont have too many issues like this. check this out


Myths – Rubbing objects out of your eyes

When something is in your eye, your instinct may be to try to get it out by rubbing your eye or squinting your eyes. This can actually lodge the foreign object even deeper into your eye or scratch the eye, where it can do more damage. Instead, rinse the eye with tap water to avoid a serious abrasion or tear. If you have any further concerns then seek further medical assistance.


Myths – Ice or Butter for Burns

It might make sense to put ice on something that is burnt to cool it down, but this is another first aid myth. If you are suffering from a burn, cool it with cool water for a minimum of 10 minutes then cover and seek further medical assistance.You can also get special medical burns gel dressings. If the burn is severe or occurred on your eyes, mouth, limbs or genital region, head to the hospital. If unsure about the severity of a burn always seek further medical advice.

Another common myth about burn treatment is that you should put butter or grease on the wound. Again, not the best move. The butter is great as it takes away the heat from a burn but after a while the butter heats up so much that it starts to cook the flesh. Putting butter on a burn can also lead to infection